Deer were moving well yesterday all day. I heard my Wife shoot around 1:00 . She had taken a 9 point with her 6.5 Swedish Mauser at 70 yds with a 140 gr bullet. Broke his heart and destroyed the lungs. After taking care of her deer I sat in the stand with her and saw several does and small bucks. Around 3:00 had a nice buck come out on the power line at 150 yds and stand facing me. Waited for a broadside shot with the .308 Striker sitting on double bags.I could have shot him down thru the shoulders when he put his head down but don't like that shot.When he turned to leave he trotted off offering no shot.Right at last light another buck came out and stood broadside . With out a good scope 2.5-8 Weaver turned up high and a double bag rest could not have taken the shot at 150 yds. Bore down hard, and made sure of the trigger squeeze and follow thru and sent a 165 gr. Speer sp. Tight behind the rt.front out thru left and he was down in 60 yds. A 10 pt to go with my wife's 9 pt. The buck was standing on an open power line where I had enough light and not in woods or I would never have taken the shot.

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