Wheelguns, I got him on some public land about a 45 minute drive from my house. I dodged rain and other hunters all week and with all the rain we've been getting most of it was flooded. I had seen some deer earlier in the week but didn't get a chance at a shot. On the last morning the duck hunters had moved in and it sounded like a war was going on. After things slowed down for them the deer finally started moving. I had some does move through but didn't hang around long enough. About 15 minutes later this guy came out where they had been. He stood there looking my direction like a statue. When he finally turned I took my opportunity to get my gun up and take my shot. He went down like a bag of hammers. Luckily he was in the same direction as the truck. After a short drag by me and a nephew, we quartered him up and gave him to my nephew. He's supporting a wife and three small kids on a single income. Since God blessed me with a deer, I'll pass it along.
With God all things are possible. Matt.19:26