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The SSK-50 listing will go live 10/10 at 10 am MT on HausOfArms.com!!! SSK-50 FRAMES

There is an old saying that there are those that make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened.

The HausofArms Team (Marty, Ruth and Eric) spent 2 days in Quakertown, PA, at the HQ of Lehigh Defense surrounded by people that MAKE THINGS HAPPEN daily. Lehigh Defense owner David Fricke, plant manager, Gordy Edwards, Brian Alberts from SSK Firearms, and 2 engineers were ready for us, and as you would expect, Marty was ready with a yellow legal pad with 15 pages of questions. I'm sure at least some of you have read the FB post from Dave where he outlines 41 years of passion with the Original (G1) Contender. That passion comes across in person as real as it did in his post. These people are real, hard working people, not pretentious or arrogant, no fancy entrance with a receptionist, a pure manufacturing facility. They contract work making heart valve parts, oil field parts, machined bullets (some of the wildest most imaginative bullets you'll ever see), parts for the F35 fighter as well as parts for Tesla cars. Okay, let's just say they are diverse. Now throw in the SSK-50 SS frame assemblies for good measure. Are they up to the challenge of reviving a legend? The most versatile platform EVER? No question for me.

1) Lehigh Defense has purchased SSK Industries from JD Jones. They did the legwork to bring back the Original (G1) Contender frame as well as the internal parts. This project has been ongoing for about 16 months. The resources committed just for this first phase are incredible.

2) The first item to be released will be the SSK-50 frame, SS with black nitride trigger guard, black oxide hammer and trigger--very sharp (see picture attached). There will initially be 3 frames offered, LYNX face engraved, HausofArms Logo engraved and a flatside, suitable for your own personal engraving. Think of the new frame this way, "THE BEST EDITION OF THE LAST MODEL ORIGINAL CONTENDER PRODUCED!" In addition, it's made of stronger materials and machined to more consistent specs with state of the art CNC technology. The benefits include same chamberings, 100% crossover compatibility with ALL existing G1 Contender stocksets, barrels and accessories, including current production T/C G2 barrels, and the custom barrels from SSK, MGM and Bullberry.

3) The Mongrel muzzleloader platform information will be in a followup email, composed by Eric and is currently at the ATF for approval. I'll just say it's revolutionary.

4) Parts: All internal and external parts will be "coming soon" and offered by HausofArms and SSK Firearms. Expect them to be offered individually, and as kits on multiple online venues.

5) Services: Service work will be offered by SSK Firearms for the Original (G1) Contender frames. This will eventually include the "EASY OPEN TRIGGER GUARD REVISION" whereby your older model Contender can be updated to allow use of the current production barrels. If your Original Contender has a broken part, not functioning or just want it checked over by an expert with the experience to give you the confidence to bring it out of mothballs, those services will be available as well.

6) Ammo, reload support, brass, bullets and dies: Lehigh Defense is perhaps the most creative and innovative bullet manufacturer in the world. Dave Fricke has a stated goal of "MAKING WILDCATTING MAINSTREAM" and therefore, will be in the near future supporting all the reloading parts and pieces necessary as well as ammunition--the JDJ's, TCU's, the WHISPER'S to name a few. Some of these are already starting to appear on the SSK Firearms site.

7) Lifetime Factory Warranty


I believe this to be the best news in the single shot world in decades. Passion, resources, ability and a history of excellence of the SSK Firearms team AND an ammunition supplier providing everything necessary to support many of the chamberings that made the original Contender great from the beginning.

I sincerely encourage you to get behind this project and be an active, positive force in the revival of this platform. I've been in business for 10 years now. I've heard your stories you are proud to tell me when you got your first Contender, about THAT Contender trigger, your trips to the factory, the people you knew there. This is a rare opportunity in history to turn the clock back, to start the SSK-50 generation. Dave Fricke, if you are reading this, my hats off to you and your team, and know this, HausofArms is behind you 100%.

Certainly, if you have questions feel free to email me, and I will do my best to answer those questions.

Be safe and shoot straight.

Marty Ebbinghaus

HausOfArms is currently accepting preorders for the SSK-50 frame. For those who don't know, SSK Industries is creating their own version of the original generation Contender, albeit with more modern technology and stronger materials. These frames, from what I can gather, will be able to fit any Contender or G2 barrels. Pricing starts at $275 and they will be available on December 15th.

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