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Lot of emotion in hunting programs from this thread.
I don't know any of these guys or gals.
I just have the Outdoor Channel, so every once in awhile, I record a bunch on the DVR, Then FF to the shooting/range practice and right before the kill shot.
Sometimes, the shooting fundamentals are seriously lacking, while others are solid. At least from what I can tell.
I watch it for entertainment, and let it be that.
I prefer the shows that are spot and stalk, hunting over stand hunting with bait.
I have hunted using corn as bait before and out of a stand (Ground and elevated).
I have also hunted a few times with a high fence.

I get it, that some places you don't have much choices than using corn and a stand...Been there and done that, and have enjoyed it, especially with good friends.
That being said, most of the time stand hunting is easier than spot-n-stalk or still hunting in my opinion.
But hey, if that is the option over no hunting at all...Put Me In That Stand!!!