While the doors to my soul are opened let me tell you of a safari in 2003 and the taking of a SCI top ten ( #7 for that year) blesbok.. Shot this blesbok at the very back edge of his lungs which the tracker followed until I had a fifty or so yard shot.. I pulled the trigger on my 454 and the bullet hit the dirt about 20yds in front of me... All the PH said was "you missed"... The only way to shoot like that is to jerk the trigger (or have some serious problem with the sight system)? Shooting these big bore revolvers is easier said then done... It takes a lot of time behind the gun and self control with the heavy kicking handguns to stop that impulse to jerk the trigger in a hunting situation.. Like an old handgun hunting friend use to say "sight picture and trigger control".. Just ask any of the top handgun hunters...
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