Hunted hard for 3 days in KS in the Antlerless, any weapon season in unit 5. Took my longbow but the deer were spooky and not giving me a shot. Was hunting from a pop up blind in some timber and cedars. This doe came out with three others and took the wrong trail.
Had the Contender in 6.5JDJ setting on a chair next to me on 3x. Grabbed the Contender and when she came between two cedars that I knew was 40 yards, I sort of gave here a bleet with my mouth and when she stopped, I dropped the hammer.
120grn Nosler Ballistic Tip, new formed brass, H414 powder. Put it right behind the leg,6" above the belly and she went maybe 30 yds. Got lungs and took out part of the aorta.
She was 110 lbs and the guy that lives up there and helps me process the deer, said she was about 4 years old.
More meat in the freezer.
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