Chance, I agree that the 22 Rimfire is the best platform for live shooting to refine your skills but I also have a few additional suggestions. Extensive dry firing is probably the best tool for improving your sight alignment, trigger squeeze and follow through that?s available. Daily dry firing with a blank wall (no target) is a great exercise. Focus on the sight picture. Get it perfect every time. Watch the front to rear sight alignment as you very deliberately squeeze off the trigger. If you cannot hold the sight alignment through the trigger sequence without a target every time (I mean every time 25 - 50 times) do not waste your time with live ammo. Once you get this part move to dry firing on a small square target that sight pictures the same width as the front sight. Hold 6:00 o?clock and maintain through the trigger squeeze. Again master this every time, every day. Once you mentally get to this point start visualizing the midpoint of the front sight on even smaller targets. I suggest that this exercise be done regularly throughout your shooting career even after you develop your skills to your desired level. Even 10-20 dry fires a couple times per week will help keep you sharp.
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