As 2018 winds down and we start looking to the next year, I?ve begun to think of New Years resolutions. One resolution I?ve been strongly considering is becoming proficient with open sights. How proficient? Well, a whole lot more proficient than I am now at least. Not just with hunting handguns either. Defensive handguns too.

I know, I know, practice makes perfect. What I want to know is what?s the best way to go about practicing without breaking the bank? I?ve had a few ideas.

1. Take the scope of my Ruger Mark II 22 pistol. My reasoning is simple - it has adjustable sights and it?s a 22. Also, it?s sight radius and size are similar to my 1911. My only fear is a potential repeat of the great 22 shortages would make it a less viable option in the future.

2. Have my 221 Fireball Encore barrel drilled and tapped for open sights. I already use this barrel for cheap practice with scopes handguns at 100 to 200 yards. Why not make it capable of helping me practice with open sights? The longer sight radius would make it a bit easier to shoot accurately, at least while I practice, and it can be handloaded for cheaply.

3. Have MGM make me a custom Encore barrel for the application. Probably a 9mm chamber, 8?-12? long, drilled for open sights. I could handload for this type of setup cheaply (which would also allow me to handload for my sister?s new Kimber) or buy cheap factory ammo.

Certainly, other ideas are more than welcome. These are just a few thoughts I?ve had on the subject.
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