Went out this morning for the first time for late muzzle loader season. I hunt this season with my Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley Hunter in 44 MAG with a Bushnell elite 2-6X32 scope. I use Hornady LeveRevolution 225gr FTX ammo. I have 2 doe tags to fill for this season.

I got out to one of the spots I like to sit in the timber about 6:40 am and settled in. Saw nothing til almost 8 am. I was standing/stretching and just looking around when off to my left out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw movement. I just stood there not moving a muscle looking to the left and sure enough, this decent sized doe was back behind me doing that slow walk, stop, walk, stop thing they do. She was only about 35-40 yards off behind my left shoulder. I waited for her to get her head behind a tree and drew out the Ruger slowly and cocked the hammer back. I picked out a nice opening she was heading for and raised the gun and just stood there and waited til she got into that opening. She was only between 25-30 yards from me at this point. Had the scope set on 2 power and settled the cross hairs on her shoulder and squeezed off the shot. I knew instantly I hit her pretty good. I saw that typical "flinch" they do when they're hit. She only ran about 25-30 yards away and crashed. Personally I find handgun hunting just as exciting as bow hunting. Enjoy the pics guys.


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