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So if he said it hit shoulder and if his son saw it with a shoulder hit, and the leg was incapacitated, how does a 44 not put that deer down over 800-900 yards? I think deductive logic dictates that either the bullet failed or the OP and his son are lying. Is there a 3rd option?

Thanks trademark, I wasn?t going to get into it with Zee again. I have been a bow hunter for close to 30 yrs and when I don?t do my job of making a perfect text book shot, I try to use equipment that will perform when I don?t . Hence a bullet that has a better track record on heavy bone hits. Because no one is perfect and not a single hunter can make that perfect shot 100% of the time.

And Zee I have no ego problem, me blaming the bullet for my poor shot placement has to do with the pit in the gut feeling of loosing a deer. Even if there is a 10% increase that a hard cast would have made it to the vitals I?ll take it.
Oh but wait my son and I will never know because even though you were not there we didn?t see what we thought we saw.