Bullets can fail in many ways.

-Fail to penetrate deep enough.
-Fail to expand.
-Fail to hold together.
-Fail to meet our/manufacturer standards/expectations.

Hunters can fail in many ways.

-Fail to practice enough.
-Fail to hit the animal.
-Fail to hit the vitals.
-Fail to be honest with ourselves.

To decidedly determine bullet failure and not just assume, you have to have a body and/or a bullet. Without which, we can only speculate and assume. Observing an animals reaction to deduct a conclusion is one such example. Not saying that?s wrong. If that?s all we have to go on........it?s all we have. But, it is what it is. Incomplete data.

As long as we are honest with ourselves about our performance and the bullets as well.

?Minute of deer accuracy.?
?Hit a pie plate at X distance.?
?Good enough for hunting accuracy.?

Blaming the bullet doesn?t hurt our ego as much and is therefore the easy way out. Especially when we can?t prove either.

Just the facts, Ma?am.
"To Hell with efficiency, it's performance we want!" - Elmer Keith