Was the doe standing or walking when you shot. The first buck I killed with a 44 mag lever action ran quite some distance until I put a couple more shots into him. That was 39 years ago. The buck was walking broadside to me and I put one into his should . The 240 grain hollow point broke the onside shoulder and also broke the offside shoulder but he ran off stumbling as he went. I got down from a old home made ladder stand and tracked him till I jumped him and had to put two more shots into him as he tried to run off. When I dressed him later at home I found out that the bullet had broke both shoulders but had not hit anything vital. Thinking back I remembered that he had his shoulder in the forward position as I pulled the trigger. That put his shoulder in front of his lungs. I am not sure just how the bullet broke the far side shoulder while missing the lungs but it did. That has made me nervous about shooting a deer in the shoulder with a slow moving bullet. I normally aim just behind the shoulder.
Michael Joe Moore