So a little back story on why I want to shoot the shoulders, our new lease is 67 acres and I shot a medium sized doe in the shoulder with a 240 grain xtp out of my 44 ( not on purpose ) and she ended up running on a second bordering property that after I called for permission to track on was denied.
When I hunted with my 357 mag Blackhawk with180 grain hardcast 22bhn always aimed for the shoulder and always had entrance and exit and all deer would go down in sight. So I am looking at two bullets in the 44mag 260 grain weight, one 15 bhn and the other 22 bhn. The 15 bhn is a better deal price wise and meplat difference is only . 324 15bhn bullet vs .320 for the 22bhn bullet. So will a 15 bhn bullet be hard enough to not get a bunch of nose damage after hitting the first shoulder or should I go for the 22bhn. FYI I am not interested in casting my own .
Thanks for the help..

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