Well... first off,we had a awesome time, and it looks like we Converted 2 rifle hunters to handgun hunters for next years hunt.Monday morning the Boars were really running, if they saw you they were gone, later when it got warm, they would bed in the fallen trees, I would throw rocks at them, to get them up, they would just blow out,we would do pushes to get them moving, things were just not working out, so our guide, CJ, the pig whisperer, put me on a knoll looking down to a bench, said he was going to push the side hill, minutes later I heard pigs on the side hill, 4 boar came out feeding, 3 were shooters, this is where things got interesting, I was shooting my Freedom 83 in 44 Mag, I put the Ulra Dot on the boars neck , which was facing me , 40 yards, squeezing the trigger the boar squeals, spinning around in circles, blood spraying everywhere in, he runs down tho the road , but he?s wobbling, I shoot again, he runs back up the bank on a low spot, head down coming right at me, 15 yards, so I pull out the 629 and go to town, hitting the boar a few times in the head, 1 body shot, when he turned broadside, finally he?s down.in the Freedom I shoot 25 grains of 296, the 629 I was using 7 grains of Tite group, with a 240 SWC,the Falow hunt was fun, it took half a hour to get a clear shot, the Max came through again, another great hunt at the wilderness, next year will be awesome as always, good friends, a good hunt, life is good, thanks James for posing pics.