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#236 - 01/27/04 01:17 PM Handgun scopes

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I just bought a .357 Herrett barrel and want to put a scope on it. I have several already; a Simmons, Leupold, and a lighted T/C scope. I would like to get another T/C, where is the best price on those scopes? I looked at Ed's and he has one listed for $215. Any other suggestions? Mine is currently on a 45/70 barrel and I have never had any problems with it, but I have heard that people have had problems??? Thanks


#237 - 01/27/04 02:08 PM Re: Handgun scopes [Re: Andyhunter]
Dan B.
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The T/C scopes are one line that I have not yet I'm not sure where to get a good deal on them. Ed's site is terribly out of date so it's better to call him and check inventory. I have used Simmons, Tasco, Leupold, Burris, and Bushnell. Have yet to have one go bad. One the Herrett's, I personally like a fixed 4X scope of about any flavor. My .30 has a 5X Burris and the .357 wears a 4X Tasco Pro Class. Personal preference is also for something with at least a 28mm objective lense.
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#238 - 01/27/04 02:43 PM Re: Handgun scopes [Re: Andyhunter]

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I have a 3-9 TC scope that I just mounted on a 309 JDJ barrel. I bought mine directly from a wholesaler, so I can't say for sure where your best price would be, but I think this would be hard to beat:

TC Scope at Natchez

I like this scope so far, but I'll know more when I get to the range with it. My other option was another Bushnell 2-6X. I really like these 3200 series scopes. They offer a lot bang for the buck. I already have three of these though, so I opted to go with the TC for a change.

Burris also makes some nice handgun scopes that many here favor. I have looked at a few of them and find that the eye relief on the Bushnell 3200 and TC is more to my liking.

#239 - 01/27/04 11:04 PM Re: Handgun scopes [Re: Stush]
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might take a look at the simmons 2x6x32. $119 at midwayusa. i have one on my 14" 44mag, and i like it just fine for the money. it has the long eye relief at all powers like the bushnells do. i look for that price to go up, as they usually do once they get a toehold in the market.

also, if it's the TC 2.5x7 your after specifically, i just recieved a "frequent buyer flyer" from midwayusa for the month of february. it lists the TC 2.5x7 as "on sale" for $209.99. product #579-206. natchezz listed the same scope at $211+change. so whoever has the cheapest shipping would win, i guess.

if you were after maximum field of view(21'wide@100on2x) then a 2x7 burris would fit really nice, but they are a few extra bucks at around $267 listed at the moment. i've seen them a little cheaper, but they may have raised the price a few dollars recently. also, like stush mentioned they have a different(shorter at most powers)type eye relief. i seem to be able to use both types equally well, and so far have no preference in that department, but the extra wide field of view does come in handy when hunting eastern woods for deer. used to have a good price on the burris 3x12 at around $279, and if i'm not mistaken, orders over $250 shipped free. i havn't checked there for a while though.
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#240 - 01/28/04 09:26 AM Re: Handgun scopes [Re: Andyhunter]

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Offline has good deals on the Burris and the Bushnell 3200 Elite. I agree with Kyode, the Simmons 2x6 is a heck of a scope for the money. I bought one a few months ago and have been really pleased with it. It's a nice scope and is very clear to the edges. One thing to note the parallax is set at 50 yards on the Simmons. The Bushnell 3200 is a clear well made scope also. I have one but have not mounted on a gun. All I can say is it is very clear.
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#241 - 01/28/04 10:17 AM Re: Handgun scopes [Re: Andyhunter]

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i have a simmons 4x32 that i moved from my 357 to my 454,it is a great scope!(so far)i have a bushnell 2x6x32 on my 257 roberts encore,i also have a swift 4x32 on a 10"7mm-08.i am very pleased with all of them.the only concern i have is the simmons on the 454,if it gets beat to death i will look at burris or weaver.but for now im happy!jim257

#242 - 01/28/04 08:55 PM Re: Handgun scopes [Re: Andyhunter]
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Andy, I agree with Dan. The only failure I had was with an old Magnum Phanton way back in 1975! I use all of em, and no light-weights either. Braked and unbraked, I've never lost one and Burris 3x9, and Leupolds have survived many Colorado snow storms and very frigid, harsh conditions. A back-pack hunt for 9 days and no dry cabin really test teh optics. I like my Trophy variables and my Simmons variables, and they're both on JDJ's. Gerry
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