Does anyone have any idea why the John Ross Performance Center X-frame 500 S&W model with a 5 inch unported barrel and 1 in 10 inch barrel twist was concieved? I understand it was to make possible the shooting of 600 grain and heavier bullets and have them stabilize. Clear up to 720 grain bullets with as low a velocity as 950 FPS and still be stabilized due to the 1 in 10 inch twist. Seems Smith and Wesson would make the twist 1 in 10 standard because it would add flexibilty to the loads that could be used in their 500's. Thoughts?
80 stainless models are still available for purchase from John Ross. And he has a blackened frame and stainless cylinder model also. I called and spoke with him. A very good man and I respect him. What say you Max Prasac?

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