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#191910 - 04/14/18 09:28 AM The Challenge Of Handgun Hunting
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What is it about handgun hunting and the challenges of it that got you into this sport?

#191911 - 04/14/18 09:38 AM Re: The Challenge Of Handgun Hunting [Re: Franchise]
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Registered: 12/21/08
Posts: 4179
Loc: Castalia, NC

For me, rifle hunting here in eastern NC was getting boring. I had no problem tagging out in the first two weeks of deer season. Muzzleloading never appealed to me, and bow hunting lacked burning powder and recoil. I began handgun hunting with revolvers. My first hunting handgun was a 44 mag, but I quickly wanted more power (it's just a personal thing). About this time I read about JDJ and his single shot rounds. I was hooked....rifle power in a handgun...and the opportunity to prove the masses can kill with 1 shot from a handgun, and that's what I've been doing....big or small, 1 shot is ultimately all you need (that's my personal goal every animal, every time) 2 shots on a Water Buff (I mean on the ground dead, 2 shots) that disappointed me, but I'm a perfectionist I guess...that's me, what about y'all?

#191912 - 04/14/18 10:30 AM Re: The Challenge Of Handgun Hunting [Re: Franchise]

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It was partly like you Franchise, in that shooting with a rifle did not seem to be a challenge anymore. I still use them though. But the challenge was different in that I enjoyed carrying just a handgun and not toting a rifle.
Like you I do want the one shot drop. When this does not happen I am always disappointed.
Revolvers have always appealed to me more than any of the other pistols.

#191913 - 04/14/18 10:34 AM Re: The Challenge Of Handgun Hunting [Re: Franchise]

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I lost the excitement of killing game with a long gun, I always dabbled with hunting with a pistol, so 12 years ago or so ago, things changed, now it?s handguns only, Bowhunting was a big help, honing in on close encounters with game, getting close,also I can kill stuff at extended ranges, that?s what the single shots are for. The challenge, the sense of accomplishment, this disease has changed my life.

#191915 - 04/14/18 11:46 AM Re: The Challenge Of Handgun Hunting [Re: racksmasher1]

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content Online
I got a contender with a 45/410 barrel for a canoe trip grouse gun back in the mid 90s. Around that time Minnesota changed their deer hunting regs to allow pistol use anywhere in the state (long guns are divided with shotguns in the flatter, open and more populated south and rifles in the wooded north). After a long absence from hunting, I started again around 2009 on some land in the shotgun country and was soon looking for better and more enjoyable options (This was also about the time that MN DNR did their lead particles in deer study and I got into reloading for affordable non-lead options). I ordered a BB 17hmr and a factory 30-30 and promptly fell of the deep end according to my wife. I wouldn't say I find contender hunting that much more challenging, rather they are different challenges then slug hunting and a LOT more fun practicing with a lot more attention to detail. This year I'm going to work a GP100 into the mix for the first time, but I will still bring the single shot to the stand for long shots.

#191916 - 04/14/18 12:26 PM Re: The Challenge Of Handgun Hunting [Re: karl]
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I started hunting and shooting with longarms when I was 6 years old. I started bow hunting at 12 and got my first ?official? job at that age, working at an archery shop. At 14, I took up handgun hunting with a 10.5? RSBH in .44 Mag.

I love guns. I love hunting.

Bowhunting has been sidelined in the last few years due to rebuilt and needing to be rebuilt, shoulders. Black powder, because I don?t have the time and the bug never really bit.

So, I?m still using firearms. Long and short. Shooting and hunting is a passion and challenging myself is easily accomplished with rifle or handgun.
"To Hell with efficiency, it's performance we want!" - Elmer Keith

#191917 - 04/14/18 01:26 PM Re: The Challenge Of Handgun Hunting [Re: Zee]
Happy Birthday longhunter

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I mainly hunt small game, squirrels in particular and have probably killed squirrels with every type of .22 rifle known to man. To the point of being bored to death with it. For about 15 years I hunted with nothing but flintlocks which is still a lot of fun but not the challenge that it used to be. Handguns seemed to be the next logical step. If this ever gets boring I guess I'll be hunting with slingshots and spears.
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#191919 - 04/14/18 05:00 PM Re: The Challenge Of Handgun Hunting [Re: longhunter]
jamesfromjersey Moderator

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Living where I am I was never exposed to hunting and purchased handguns to shoot targets. A Python, Gold Cup and S&W m-25 in 45acp
were used to punch paper... boss asked if I would like to go deer hunting.. Said "I did not own a rifle only handguns"
he said "that's OK...Pennsylvania allows handguns"... So you see that I started hunting with handguns. Finally shot my 13th with a rifle just to do it...The photo shows the 1st animal I ever hunted... I think I`am one of a few guys that started hunting with a handgun and then shot a rifle to see what I was missing...I can tell you that a rifle is a lot easier to hunt with then a handgun...
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#191922 - 04/14/18 07:18 PM Re: The Challenge Of Handgun Hunting [Re: jamesfromjersey]

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I worked at a gun range in high school, Didn't make much money but at the end of the day they would hand my friend and I a .357 Python and few boxes of shells. That started it all... was getting into hunting at that point. No one in my family hunts but me. So it has been a learning curve. Revolvers are my favorite but I would shoot anything with any gun!
I have a young son now, I am teaching gun safety and respect of the animals we shoot. I am also an avid bird hunter.

#191925 - 04/14/18 09:40 PM Re: The Challenge Of Handgun Hunting [Re: rougerocco]
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Rocky, hopefully you can make it to hunt with us next year at Salt Creek

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