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#186783 - 11/23/17 12:26 PM Red dots on revolvers

Registered: 10/03/13
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Loc: Butler, Missouri

For those of you that use red dots, in particular reflex style red dots on their revolvers, post some photos and tell me what you have...thanks!

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#186811 - 11/24/17 11:26 AM Re: Red dots on revolvers [Re: longhunter]

Registered: 07/01/12
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Loc: upstate NY

Something to consider with a reflex sight is inclement weather, if its snowing or raining it may mess up your sight picture. Up here in NY I went with a ultra dot red dot tube style and still got snow on my glass on my red dot last year. Installed some scope covers and hunted this year in the rain and all was good. Just something to consider ..

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#186823 - 11/24/17 08:03 PM Re: Red dots on revolvers [Re: rob-c]

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Loc: SC

Can't figure out how to post a picture but I hunted today with a 6.5" S&W 629 44 mag. with a Burris Fast Fire II. I have not hunted with it in rain or snow but I cannot say anything bad about it. It is fast to acquire, easy to use and accurate. Best of all to me, it is really small and light.

#186827 - 11/24/17 09:27 PM Re: Red dots on revolvers [Re: spinsail]

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Loc: MO


I had hoped this would show up as an image, not a link. Anyway that's a Vortex Venom sitting on the 686 with a Rapture Engineering mount.

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#186840 - 11/25/17 03:58 PM Re: Red dots on revolvers [Re: Teep]

Registered: 11/23/12
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Loc: Wisconsin North East

I like the Ultra dot but better yet is the Aimpoint expensive but all things considered worth every penny.
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#186858 - 11/26/17 10:15 AM Re: Red dots on revolvers [Re: Ramjet-SS]
Bob Roach
old hand

Registered: 03/02/10
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Loc: Missouri Ozarks

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I am an UltraDot/MatchDot fan myself.

If using a Reflex sight I would do the research. My Combat Pistol Shooters keep changing sights looking for the best. The Burris seems to be pretty popular.

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#186868 - 11/26/17 06:26 PM Re: Red dots on revolvers [Re: Bob Roach]

Registered: 09/12/16
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Loc: Arkansas

Likewise, I can't post a picture but I've got a Burris FF3 on my 454 Ruger SRH. It's low profile even with the "weather hood" on top, which makes it a bit faster for finding the dot. I use it for a sub-100 yard woods gun but I take it to the big stand in case something comes out close.
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#186923 - 11/28/17 09:16 PM Re: Red dots on revolvers [Re: Handgun400]

Registered: 08/12/05
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Loc: stationed in South Dakota

Ultradot is mine
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#186932 - 11/29/17 01:11 PM Re: Red dots on revolvers [Re: AmmoHouse]
Bearbait in NM
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Registered: 11/16/10
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Loc: New Mexico

No pictures to post, but I have tried and own probably more than a dozen of various brands. I started out many years ago with JPoints, orginal Delta points, and have added 4 or 5 RMR's to my pile. many are on rifles, and quite a few I move on and off handguns.

Thoughts, in general. I do own, but would not buy any sight that uses set screws that need to be loosened, to make poi adjustments. Thankfully, this "technology" seems to have passed. Rain and snow and general debris from crawling around can cause problems, but most brands seem to ship with hoods, or they can be purchased. Some hoods have loops on the front that can be used with a lanyard attached to the front of a holster or even a belt loop. I modify (if needed) the tightness of the hood, so that I can flick it off with my thumb. This does not work with Leupolds, as their wide lens makes for a tight fit.

As to glass, I am a big fan of real glass. Plastic lenses on a slide mounted gun can really suck, when you get nicks from brass. No issues on revolvers. Been wearing glasses since I was 6, so I know how to clean lenses. Plastic, even when very careful will eventually mar up. Glass lenses will resist pretty heavy abuse, even the old spit and shirttail field method of cleaning.

As to lenses and colors, most sights seem to need some type of tint in the glass to help with showing the dot. I have an STS that is a dandy sight, but the small screen and heavy tint make it tough in low light. My RMR's have the light blue tint, but are not "bad", per se. My Delta Points and the one I bought a few weeks ago (the Pro), have clear glass, and no tint. Combined with the huge filed of view over all of my others makes this my favorite for a hunting gun. For my self defense/field guns, the RMR is hard to beat. They are tough little sights.

As to dot intensity....I really like to be able to dial my dots. Surely when hunting, also when doing target work. I have astigmatisms, and dialing the dot can be the difference between usable and junk. Now the harder part, dot dials. My RMR's shine in this regard. They come on automatically, and the side buttons are fantastic. part of why they go on "serious" guns, for me. The old Leupolds were awful. I do not have any real field time on my new Leupold, but the button for intensity is sort of great, and sort of awful. To press the button, you finger blocks the diode/emitter. You cannot see your adjustments, and you have to go all the way in one direction, then back to other. It will auto adjust, but like all of my other brands, it tends to bias towards bright. Too bright for low light, IMHO. This is the other reason I insist on buttons for all of my dots. My thinking on the DPP, if it makes it to a hunting gun, I will just have to start low in the morning, and adjust during the day. No big, on a hunting gun. Not my 1st choice for a 'serious' weapon. That and the fact the new Leupold is the same as the old style, in that it takes a a little time for the intensity to auto adjust in dynamic lighting changes.

James noted in another thread ditching his dot, due to dot dance. Yup, this is real. I am not convinced that the dancing dot is mechanically different than the dance that goes on with irons, but it is MORE obvious, and it will mess with your head. The size and balance of the gun seems to affect me with the dot dance. Even from the bench, my 4 3/4 FA is a rascal to keep the dot steady. My Glock 41 is much easier, as it has more weight forward balance.

As to battery doors and locations, I am in the couldn't care less camp. Yes, I have to take my RMR's off the gun to change. Every couple of years, if I wanted. They run forever. Same with Jpoints. The DPP top mount is nice, but I would put the location way down my priority list. If you can find real world numbers for battery life, you can weigh that against battery location.

Back up iron sights. I think they are a must on "social" guns. Period. They make finding the dot quick, and they are a back up. You will not get BUI's on a revolver. I have them on my Glock 41, and they work well. I practice with both. I did order the iron sight for my DPP, but the sight body is so high (compared to the rmr or Jpoint), not sure you could get them on any handgun with a crazy high front sight.

So, what do I like/recommend? I like them all, but honestly, they all do have significant differences that may make or break any one user, or application. I think is why opinions are so over the map on the subject. Probably also why I have so many different makes :^) I love the Leupold glass and screen, best of the bunch. But if I had to only pick one, certainly the RMR.

Hope the diatribe was useful,

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#186935 - 11/29/17 06:16 PM Re: Red dots on revolvers [Re: Bearbait in NM]
old hand

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Loc: WV

UltraDots on my .475 Linebaugh and .500 S&W have sood lots of abuse/use without problems.

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