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#186072 - 11/06/17 03:25 AM 357 Maximum CVA Scout with 30mm MatchDot II Sight
Bob Roach
old hand

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Loc: Missouri Ozarks

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I have my CVA Scout outfitted with an Evolution Gun Works "EGW" Picatinny Scope Base, and a 30mm MatchDot II optical "Red Dot" gunsight.
My Scout was rechambered to 357 Maximum by Dave White a while back. So far it has been a tack driver.

Today I was doing some final sight adjustments, and also checking on the performance of my NOE 360-180 WFN-GC cast bullets. I fired groups at 100 yards, and made the required sight corrections. To my surprise both my 180 grain Cast Bullets, and my 180 XTP loads shot to the same point of aim.

We have 5 elevated stands to deer hunt from total in place, and all can have shots over 100 yards. This got me to thinking about sight corrections out past 100 yards. I did some research over on the Cast Bullet Forum and found that my NOE 360-180 should have a BC of either .2107 or .2343 depending on how it is calculated. Running the numbers on a Ballistic Calculator Program did not show enough difference between the two Ballistic Coefficients out to 200 yards to worry about.

The 30mm MatchDot II optical sight has a Bullet Drop Compensator Dial for Elevation Adjustments. The Click Value of this sight is 1 MOA per Click. With the Ballistic Calculator Sight Corrections from 100 thru 200 yards I could either Hold Over OR Dial In Elevation Corrections.

After working all of this information out I decided to check on the BC of the Hornady 180 XTP. To my great surprise the BC of this bullet was .23. Close enough to the Drop Chart of the Cast Bullet to use the same sight corrections.

My NOE 360-180 WFN-GC load of 21.0 grains of H110 is running at just over 1900 fps. My 180 XTP load is using the same 21.0 grain load of H110 a little slower, which I can correct to the same velocity by adding 1 more grain of H110 powder.

My Sight Correction Chart follows:


100 Yards..Sight Zero
125 Yards..-1.51............... Up 1 Clicks
150 Yards..-3.97............... UP 3 Clicks
175 Yards..-7.44............... UP 4 Clicks
200 Yards.-12.03.............. UP 6 Clicks

I will make another range trip and check Click Adjustments before next weekend.


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See You At The Range

#186075 - 11/06/17 04:04 AM Re: 357 Maximum CVA Scout with 30mm MatchDot II Sight [Re: Bob Roach]

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Loc: Statesville NC

It is really nice to have both bullets to hit at the same poa.
Michael Joe Moore

#186113 - 11/07/17 06:57 PM Re: 357 Maximum CVA Scout with 30mm MatchDot II Sight [Re: REDHAWK1954]
Bob Roach
old hand

Registered: 03/02/10
Posts: 828
Loc: Missouri Ozarks

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I made it to the Range today. The wife got in a little much needed trigger time.

Elevation was good, however scope cant was causing the shots to walk Left and Right more than I like. You have No crosshairs to help with Side to Side Tilt on a Red Dot.
I put a Bubble Level on my 30mm UltraDot that is mounted on my 480 Super RedHawk a couple years ago.
I really need to mount one on the Scout as well. The problem is the Elevation Dial mounted behind the Rheostat " Dot Brightness Control Knob" on the 30mm MatchDot II. I do not have enough space for a tube mounted Bubble Level on the back of the sight. I will probably need to address this after Deer Season with either another ring set that I can mount a Bubble Level on top of the rear ring, or a Scope base mounted version.

The Scout is really liking my NOE 360-180 WFN-GC Cast Bullets.
I have them sized .357 and the Lube Groove filled with White Label Carnauba Red. I then Tumble Lubed them in Ben's Tumble Lube. (Lee Liquid Allox/Johnsons Paste Wax Blend).

Now what to carry Opening Day? The 357 Maximum CVA Scout, 35 BullBerry Contender, or 6.5 X 30 JDJ Contender? I think the wife will be best armed with the 357 Maximum. She will most likely be shooting less than 70 yards. The MatchDot II should shine at this range.
I have been working with the 6.5x30 JDJ and the Hornady 123 SST bullets the last week. I have it driving tacks. It will be a very good choice on shots that could be a little longer.

See You At The Range

#186141 - 11/08/17 11:03 AM Re: 357 Maximum CVA Scout with 30mm MatchDot II Sight [Re: Bob Roach]
Chance Weldon Administrator
Distinguished Expert

Registered: 09/20/13
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Loc: Martin, Tennessee

Good report! Glad to see you're liking it.
Formerly TN Lone Wolf

"We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided." - J.K. Rowling

#186142 - 11/08/17 11:27 AM Re: 357 Maximum CVA Scout with 30mm MatchDot II Sight [Re: Chance Weldon]
Distinguished Master

Registered: 01/18/04
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Loc: Gillette, Wyoming

Thanks for the info.
Just put a MatchDot II on my Smith 44 mag

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