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#182292 - 08/02/17 11:03 PM Bullet idea for my CVA Optima pistol
Chance Weldon Administrator
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In the coming weeks, I'm going to order a Nikon Force XR 2.5-8x scope for my Optima muzzleloading pistol. I've got a 2x model on it now, but I can't shoot those worth a darn past 50 yards, which was the farthest I had practiced last year when the big buck I was after stepped out at about 100 yards. I don't want to be in that situation again, so I'm going to upgrade.

That's not all I'm going to change, though. Instead of using the Hornady XTP/sabot packs, I'm going to buy the sabots separately and try a different bullet than the 240 grain XTP. Having become a fan of Barnes bullets lately, I was thinking about trying the .451 200 grain XPB designed for the 45 Colt. Additionally, since this bullet is quite expensive, I was going to buy some much cheaper Berry's plated .452 200 grain hollowpoints to make a practice/target load.

Based on my experience using the 240 grain XTP and BH 209, I can probably push the Barnes bullets in the neighborhood of 1,500 to 1,600 fps. Do you think this would make a good 100 yard capable load? I'm confident the Optima will be accurate enough. The question is, is this load enough?

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#182295 - 08/02/17 11:16 PM Re: Bullet idea for my CVA Optima pistol [Re: Chance Weldon]

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Do you think this would make a good 100 yard capable load?

I don't see why not. Should shoot pretty flat as well.
Rod, too.

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#182297 - 08/02/17 11:23 PM Re: Bullet idea for my CVA Optima pistol [Re: Chance Weldon]

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Should be plenty for deer out to 100 plus yards. They don't list a BC, but assuming 0.12'ish it gives you around 1100fps at 100 yards with a 1500fps mv.
That's still a lot more then many factory 45 colt loads have at the muzzle

#182320 - 08/03/17 09:53 PM Re: Bullet idea for my CVA Optima pistol [Re: karl]
Bob Roach
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I have my Optima gear in the front room ready for a trip to the range when I get a day free.

I am using the Harvester H5045SB Sabots for .45 Cal 300 grains and under bullets. They come in a 50 round blister pack. The retail price from last year was $5.99/50

My bullet choice from last year was the Nozler #43013 250 grain 45 COLT Bullet.

When I get the Nosler's used up I have a full box of Hornady #45200 250 gr XTP's to try out. List price on that box was $30/100.

That is around $0.46 when you buy Sabots and the Bullets for them. Way Cheaper than blister pack Saboted Bullets.

IF you shoot a lot practicing you might consider the Missouri Bullet Company Cowboy #1, a 250 grain cast RNFP. Not the best profile for a hunting bullet, however with a hardness of Brinell 12 it should expand at the velocity possible out of the Optima. For practice it is very cheap to shoot.

Missouri Bullet Company also has a 45 Cal 325 Grain Slammer bullet at $51/350. Brinell 18 and a Huge Flat Point. I am sure it will work out just fine also. It will require a Harvester H5045LB Sabot 45 Cal 300 grains and Over Bullets.

Lots of options possible when you can assemble your own Saboted ammunition from components.

You might want to take a look at the EGW Scope Base before mounting your new scope. Lots more mounting options with it. I have 3 rings holding my Burris 2-7 Plex scope. The factory base leaves a lot to be desired.


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#182588 - 08/14/17 10:39 PM Re: Bullet idea for my CVA Optima pistol [Re: Bob Roach]

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My optima really shoots well with the 240 grain XTP and at 100 yards if you do your part you will harvest game. I can generally hold 4" groups from the bench at 100 Yards if I clean between shots.

I used the Harvestor brand sabots they were the most accurate. I kept my loads in the 100 grain equivalent and it did not matter if I used pellets or loose powder they all shot accurately.

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#182591 - 08/15/17 10:21 AM Re: Bullet idea for my CVA Optima pistol [Re: Ramjet-SS]
Okie Hunter

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happy Online
My 15 inch 209x50 TC Encore really likes 100 grains of loose Triple 7 powder and a saboted 300 grain 45 caliber XTP. I've taken hogs and whitetail with this load including a doe at around 100 yards.
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