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#181531 - 06/20/17 01:42 AM .45 ACP

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The handgun that I shoot the most is my Norinco 1911A1 .45.

Yet, in Maryland where I live it is not legal to hunt with this caliber in this configuration.

I really would like to see what the venerable .45 could do on big game (deer, pig, etc.).

I know that many consider it inhumane for such use, but, nonetheless I really wish I could use it in a hunting scenario.

What do you guys (especially JamesfromJersey) think about this fascination I have?


#181532 - 06/20/17 05:48 AM Re: .45 ACP [Re: rmocarsky]

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the 45acp was to duplicate the 45lc. i dont see the inhumane part unless its inhumane to hunt at all as opposed to sickness,starvation, and over population. get a 45acp revolver (NOT A JUDGE or a snub nose)like smith/colt 1917, ruger blackhawk..........
Everything before "but" is B.S.

#181534 - 06/20/17 06:28 AM Re: .45 ACP [Re: bluecow]

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Use the right bullet, you will be fine.

#181535 - 06/20/17 06:54 AM Re: .45 ACP [Re: racksmasher1]
Gun Slinger

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I shot a pig twice at about 35ish yards. She died after a 130ish yard run and some kicking around.

It worked. It killed the pig. But, had she not been in an open field, I'd have never found her. There was no blood trail to speak of.

The bullet performance was a dismal failure. I'm still looking for a better one. I've not given up hope.
"To Hell with efficiency, it's performance we want!" - Elmer Keith

#181537 - 06/20/17 08:31 AM Re: .45 ACP [Re: Zee]

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I have seen several shot with .45 ACP loads and all worked well. These were all deer not hogs. I can see where a hog could be a problem. The buffalo bore heavy cast load would work fine.

I should add that load is a +p and I don't know enough about that gun using +P ammo.

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"A quiet hit in the right place is better than a loud miss in the wrong place followed by 10 more shots on the run"

I was a handgun hunter, when handgun wasn't cool.....

#181539 - 06/20/17 10:13 AM Re: .45 ACP [Re: rmocarsky]

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The standard 230 grain load for the 45 ACP runs about 800 FPS, and within reasonable distance (say 50 yards) I wouldn't be shy to take deer with it with a good bullet. There are +P loads that push 1K, but not sure if that would be safe in all guns.
Rod, too.

Short cuts often lead to long recoveries.

#181546 - 06/20/17 02:11 PM Re: .45 ACP [Re: s4s4u]

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I watched my brother in law kill a deer with a 230gr JHP at 850fps. Went 20' and fell over. Nothing wrong with that.

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"A quiet hit in the right place is better than a loud miss in the wrong place followed by 10 more shots on the run"

I was a handgun hunter, when handgun wasn't cool.....

#181555 - 06/20/17 08:27 PM Re: .45 ACP [Re: reflex264]
Gary Administrator
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It's all about bullet placement but I agree that it's probably a little light for even a medium size boar. It will kill it but it may well be hard to find. I doubt that the bullet will penetrate both sides and get through the gristle plate on a boar.
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#181562 - 06/20/17 11:13 PM Re: .45 ACP [Re: Gary]
old hand

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I've taken around a dozen deer with a Colt and Sig .45. Inside 75 yards it does well.
A lot of bullets did poorly. I had good luck with H&G 200 gr. SWC and the best with Hornady 200 gr. XTPs.
Never shot anything other than deer. Need a hard bullet on pigs. The 200 H&G SWC might be a good one.

#181569 - 06/21/17 10:25 AM Re: .45 ACP [Re: wvhitman]

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First off I think you have been given some really good advice. ZEE and I have talked VIA PMs about this, and I will offer up some of the same info. And BY the way,, The JURY is still out on this one. The buffalo bore sounds like it would do the job, but I think that you are going to have to stick with medium sized hogs. We have seen this cartridge do good on deer and there was even a guy on YouTube that shot an Elk with a Glock 21... But lets talk only about Hogs. Bill Wilson lives in Texas and has for several years. Yes the same one of Wilson Combat. He uses 230 grain XTPs on the hogs that he shot. The load he was using is not a +P load and it clocks around 940-950 FPS from a 5" barrel. Now, I know someone else who has used the 45 ACP and said the Federal Hydro-Shok worked best. Shot placement is the KEY HERE!!! We have discussed this use of hollow points VS solids in Cast. I don't want to go there. Stay away from a shoulder shot. Forget the Behind the ear. In the neck is the best for shooting with a 45ACP Look at a photo of the Anatomy and YOUR shot should be nearer the body. The is a larger area and is important since a HOG is almost always moving. Remember if you are taking a shot offhand you are also slightly moving. SO DON"T be afraid to take a shot. This area is much better for the ACP or any smaller caliber either rifle or pistol. With a neck shot in this area you will penetrate more and should break the neck. This will drop that Hog DRT. I have seen big Hogs run with both legs broken from a shot. Lung shots will allow them to run. Break a neck and they drop. On the +P Loads,,, If one was planning on a steady diet then a change in springs is the best idea but an occasional shot will not hurt one of the colts or semi custom 45s. A cheap investment is some buffers. Wilson Combat sells then and I use them in my 5" Guns. This helps with heavier loads. The buffer helps to keep from slamming and beating up the gun. Steady diets of +P are hard on the link too. Won't be long before one has to replace the pin or link too.
I am not retired yet and so not have a target rich environment available right now. But If I was able to test my gun and some ammo I would do it regularly. I would. I do encourage any of you to practice with a specific load and become proficient enough to Post your exploits here. As we all know that just one or even 20 hogs killed with a specific caliber or load is not a answer all deal. Each animal acts or reacts differently.

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