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I have caught Mark Hampton out at the Range tuning up a couple times the last two weeks.


As far as I know, Mark and Karen are not going to be at the shoot I host, WY-SHOT.
WY-SHOT is a field shooting steel course (No bench's, front rests, sighter periods, or fixed distances) and a prairie dog shoot for handguns of all kinds.
Love to have them if they want to come, as we still have 3 openings left.

Mark will be attending the MOA Benchrest shoot south of Sundance, WY. Shoot 5-shot groups on paper from a table at 500, 750, and 1000 yards. Rich Mertz puts on this shoot.

Both shoots are for handguns only.
You would meet great people at both shoots, and both shoots push the edge of what can be done with handguns.