Aside from TSA list of rules. Follow your airline rules, as long as. The airlines don't break local laws.NYC requires ammo be locked in a separate container from the firearm. Otherwise, they consider your firearm(s) loaded. Handguns for the last flight I took. Had to be in a locked hard case, inside luggage. With a separate non TSA lock. I've flown in, and out, of both major airports in NYC. JFK has been ok, and LaGuardia a real pain. NYC has there own set of rules, and plenty of incompetent law enforcement to prove all agencies $uck. If you find yourself at a NYC airport due to a layover, or a missed connection. In fact! NY or NJ airport, don't take possession of your luggage with firearms. Unless your law enforcement. You won't like the outcome. BTW! Officer Jackie Chan tried real hard to make my day bad. No O.T. for him that day,or extra day off.