This site is meant to be fun where we can share our passion for handguns and hunting with them but alas we also need to have to have a few rules. For information on posting photos scroll down a bit.

Rule #1 - Be polite to others and be respectful of their opinions. If I have to warn you of bad behavior take it seriously, you don't usually get a second chance. Continued problems will result in being permanently banned from the site. Tip: If you don't like someone you can click on their profile name and select view profile. From their profile page you can select "Ignore User" and you won't see their posts.

Rule #2 - Keep your replies to topics confined to the original post. It's easy to get sidetracked I know, but please make an effort. You can always start a new thread that discusses the topic you would like to talk about.

Rule #3 - No cross posting allowed. This is posting the same thing in multiple forum categories and posting links in one forum that point to a thread in aother for the sole purpose of getting more reach or visibility to a post. Obviously, if someone asks a question and you post a link to another thread or article, etc. then that is allowed, of course at the discretion of the moderators.

Rule #4 - Please use the "link icon" when posting a link. You can also wrap it using UBB code manually if you know how that works. The link icon will create UBB code for you. The link icon is the one second from the left on the post submission form. It is not available on the quick reply. If you want to add a link to a reply click on the "Reply" link at the bottom of a thread and you'll be taken to a form that has formatting options for links, etc.

Rule #5 - Posts discussing the killing of feral animals that are considered to be domesticated pets under normal circumstances will be removed except for discussions about feral hogs. I understand that feral cats and dogs can be a significant nuisance but discussions about eradicating certain feral species just make us look bad in the public eye and really require very little debate about effective guns and cartridges.

A Word About Trolls - Every site has them and they are usually pretty easy to spot. A troll comes to a site just to see if he/she can start some sort of argument. They do it intentionally and have nothing of value to offer. Feel free to click on the "Notify" link at the bottom of a post if you think I should take a look at it. The fastest way to make a troll go away is to completely ignore them. If they can't get a rise out of someone they will soon leave.

Spammers - Like trolls, every site has them but they don't last long around here. I have blocked most of Asia because of spammers. If you come across a spam post please click the "Notify" link at the bottom of their post. This includes spam links in a user's signature as well. If you make some silly comment on a post simply to get your signature links posted you will be banned permanently.

Posting Guidelines:
Any post that, in a moderator's opinion, is posted in the wrong forum is subject to being moved to the appropriate forum. We will try to leave a pointer to the new location. If your post is moved, don't take it personally, a moderator is simply trying his best to keep things sane. Sometimes we make mistakes and don't see things from the same perspective as you and frankly there are a lot of posts that could go in more than one forum, not everything is black and white.

Why Multiple Forums? - We have multiple forums because when we had only one, posts were coming in a such a high rate that a new post only appeared on the first page of results for a short period of time and many interesting threads were missed entirely which resulted in questions not being answered and other sorts of problems.

Handgun Hunting Forum - any topic that directly relates to hunting with handguns. This can include topics like following a blood trail, bullet selection, hunting handguns, etc.

Shooters Bench Forum - any topic that is not related to hunting with handguns and may include topics like, reloading, brass, target shooting, gun-talk, etc.

Off-Topic Forum - Anything that you want that is related to outdoor sports. If you post a link to baby carriages or a business opportunity in Nigeria, I'll remove it and ban you at the same time. You can discuss things like bow hunting, motorcyles, muscle cars, etc.

Gun News and Politics Forum - This is where all political discussions go including the news about the continuing attack by liberals against our freedoms.

Announcements Forum - Users cannot post new topics in this forum. It is meant to be a place where announcements are made by me. If you have something you would like to announce, like a new book, etc. then I'll be happy to help you out. Send me a PM with your request.

The Bragging Board Rules - The bragging board is for photos of your hunting handguns and trophies taken with handguns. Please refrain from posting photos not related to these topics. If you wish to post unrelated items please create a private album and place them in that album. When posting a photo, when you get to the confirmation page, you can enter keywords for your photo. This will allow it to be searched using the Advanced Photo Viewer. Without keywords it won't show up using search. Click here for instructions on posting photos.

New Photo Viewer
Only images with keywords in public albums will be shown.

Photo Posting Prerequesites
The image you want to show has to be on the internet at some web address sometimes called a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Members can upload images from their hard drive to this website via the New Bragging Board .

You can either upload your images to this website or post them in the forum using the URL from another website — assuming the other website allows it.

To tell what the URL (web address) of a photo on the web is place the mouse cursor over the photo and right click the image.

A popup menu will have a properties choice - click that with the left mouse button. The URL will be specified in the properties dialog box that subsequently appears after clicking on properties.

You need to copy the web address (URL) from the properties dialog to your computer's clipboard by following the directions below.

To copy text or a URL to your computer clipboard - highlight the text then hold the control key down and at the same time press the 'C' key (for Copy).

To paste text or a URL - place the cursor where you want to insert the text and hold the control key down and at the same time press the 'V' key. Your text will be pasted into the location.

1. Read the prerequestites.
2. Determine the URL of the photo you want to post.
3. Copy the URL to your computer clipboard.
4. Go to this message board and click Post.
5. Enter any text you want to appear before the image in the Post field.
6. Click the Instant UBB Code item Image.

That will prompt you with a dialog box to insert your URL into. Place the cursor in the text field and Paste the URL of your photo.
7. Enter any text you want to appear after the image.
8. Check the I want to preview my post checkbox so you can see that your photo does appear and click continue.
9. If your post looks right in the preview window then submit it.

Posting Images and Links manually using UBB Codes:

Important: If you have items that you are selling and wish to host the images here then you must create a private album for those images and not clutter up the bragging board with them. If the album is private only you will see the images in the gallery but they can still be referenced in the classifieds by following the procedure above. The bragging board is for photos of your trophies or your guns and not a place to show what you're cleaning out of the safe. If you don't follow this rule I will move your images to the appropriate place and you'll have to edit your classified post.

Thanks for your understanding.

If anyone has questions about any of this feel free to send me a private message (PM).


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