06/29/20 05:16 PM
Encore project

First off here is why some people shouldn't own muzzleloaders:

I bought the gun to rob the action. Whoever had it had no clue how to clean it.

2 hours of work later it is back functioning.
I got my mounts and hanger bar installed on the 260 barrel.
Hopefully get to rough out the for-end this weekend.

(Shooting Expert)
06/29/20 08:38 PM
Re: Encore project

Aint that crazy.....,

06/29/20 09:05 PM
Re: Encore project

What a filthy mess that was left in. Hope the project runs smooth.


(Gun Slinger)
06/30/20 12:53 PM
Re: Encore project

Hope you didn't have to pay extra for all that PATINA!
In our disposable world some people don't care ,just go buy a new one every few years.The old adage comes to mind You can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats his tools. Some people have no soul.

dave thomas
06/30/20 06:41 PM
Re: Encore project

was in a LGS about 6 months ago and was looking at the muzzle loaders on the shelf. there was a old flinter there, I took it down and was checking the bore and yep you guessed it, it had a charge in it. measured the bottom of the bore to the ramrod and it surely had powder under the ball as there was also a mark on the rod. there was a flint on the lock, so it told the owner about it and his response was " it probably wont go off anyway, I'm sure that's why it is still loaded." I offered to pull the ball for him but he said he would get to it. I left it on the counter and haven't been back there since.

07/01/20 09:58 PM
Re: Encore project

WOW!!!! You can medicate Crazy, You can Educate Ignorance. BUT you CAN"T fix Stupid


Chance WeldonAdministrator
(Distinguished Expert)
07/01/20 09:58 PM
Re: Encore project

I cringed at that second picture.

One of my friends in high school apparently never knew you had to clean a muzzleloader. The bore on that otherwise stainless barrel was a fine shade of reddish brown.

07/03/20 04:43 PM
Re: Encore project


07/03/20 07:56 PM
Re: Encore project

No excuse for that, especially with a break open action.