Mr. Bisley
06/07/20 07:18 PM
Starline 500 JRH brass

Has anyone purchased Starline 500 JRH brass from Buffalo Bore?

I?m really interested in the O.A.L of the brass Starline is making for Buffalo Bore.

Currently reloading Starline 500 Special brass till I get my chop saw set up to trim down 500 S&W brass.

06/08/20 01:42 PM
Re: Starline 500 JRH brass

I have not purchased the 500 JRH brass from BB.
I purchased Starline 500 S&W Magnum, then use a high-speed arrow cutoff saw w/ a DIY jig to cut them down. I finish them on a case trimmer to a case length of 1.395?. Using 1.400? as my max case length.

Good shooting


06/08/20 03:12 PM
Re: Starline 500 JRH brass

I have both for my BFR. The S&W brass I cut to 1.4. I did not initially measure my 100 BB JRH brass but some trimmed and some did not when I trimmed both sets of brass to 1.395.