Randy M
12/28/19 08:41 PM
Powder measures

I've been using an entry level Lee since I started loading years ago. I've gotten my money's worth out of it and it's time to upgrade.

What are y'all using and/or recommend? Not looking to go digital - just an upgrade in the $75-$125 range.

12/28/19 08:54 PM
Re: Powder measures

R C B S Uniflow For 40 + yrs!!!! Would love to have one of the RCBS auto scale, measure but the almost $300.00 price puts it more than I want to spend.

I also have had a Lee for a couple of years but it doesn't work well with fine powders,H110 W 296

(Shooting Expert)
12/28/19 09:52 PM
Re: Powder measures

I use 2 lyman 55s that are ancient. I will never need nothing more. One could probably be picked up VERY reasonable on ebay.

12/29/19 12:07 AM
Re: Powder measures

Harrells precision will run you$200-$300 depending on which one you get but it will be the last one you'll ever need! A lot faster and more accurate than one of those electronic ones especially if you're using ball powder.

(old hand)
12/29/19 11:30 AM
Re: Powder measures

I started with a entry Lee. Never was satisfied. Switched to a Redding 3BR decades ago. Fantastic measure. Never regretted it. That's all I'll ever use except with the very small charges of my .300 Whisper where I use a Lyman electronic dispenser.

12/29/19 01:16 PM
Re: Powder measures

I use an RCBS 'Uniflow'....

12/29/19 09:32 PM
Re: Powder measures

I use an old Hornady I've had for years. It still gets the job done but I also would like to have an digital model.

12/29/19 09:52 PM
Re: Powder measures

I used a Lyman scale for years and still have it, but a few years ago I broke down and got the RCBS Charge Master with digital scale and have been a happy camper! Spend the money - you won?t regret it!

(old hand)
01/02/20 11:08 PM
Re: Powder measures

Harrel best, then my 2 Reddings. One BR and the other is Pistol.
Really thought the Redding Pistol was awesome when loading 45 ACP. But the Harrel takes the lead starting at the 22 Hornet on up.