Mr. Bisley
09/13/19 08:09 PM
Concerned or lucky?

I decided to insert a dowel down my BFR Bisley 475 Linebaugh 7.5 inch barrel till it touched the cylinder. Marked the dowel at end of barrel with pencil and measured.

Should I be concerned my 7.5 inch barrel measures 8 inches or feel lucky someone cannot read a tape measure?

09/13/19 08:18 PM
Re: Concerned or lucky?

That is funny, I?ve heard of small increment differences but not that much.
I guess lucky or concerned would depend on whether you really want longer or really want shorter????
That and whether they?re all that way or not, for holster reasons???


09/13/19 09:05 PM
Re: Concerned or lucky?

From my understanding, factory produced bfr's do not take in account of the forcing cone for total length. They do however for the custom builder.

Odd, but that's the way they do it.

09/14/19 11:09 AM
Re: Concerned or lucky?

As Brenden mentioned, this normal for production guns. They measure barrrel length from the frame - it?s an odd practice that I frequently mention to them. The Precision Center guns are measured and cut in the conventional manner.