05/14/19 11:14 PM
270 weatherby encore barrel

I've got a chance to buy a 15" +brake 270 weatherby ssk barrel.But doing a little searching I don't know if it's a good idea? Have had a 240 weatherby barrel for years and it's been great no problems other than very loud but I've always stayed with starting level loads to keep pressure low. Doing some research JD says weatherby calibers are fine (only H&H head size and smaller)and says the 270 is great but really recommends handloads because of overpressure weatherby factory loads. But I found a post (searched by google) Gary Reeder says people from T&C told him not to chamber weatherby rounds and says frame stretch and basically gloom and doom but went on to say all belted mags are bad (seems weird because T&C offer factory 300 and 7mm rifle barrels). I trust JD on this and never had anything to do with reeder but seems there's a lot of question on these. Anybody had any experience with the H&H size weatherby calibers in the encore? I heard a while back Peter pi from corbon might have used one but don't know for sure. Any ideas or opinion on this is appreciated

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05/15/19 12:42 AM
Re: 270 weatherby encore barrel

If you download it some, no problem.
But then, why get a big Weatherby round, and then download it?
I am not a fan of Magnum boltfaces and Encores, for the reasons of not being able to run them like you can in a bolt rig.
I prefer the .473 head size myself for the Encore.
A long time ago I had a nightmare with a 338 Win Mag in a Encore...Never again for me.

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05/15/19 03:54 PM
Re: 270 weatherby encore barrel

I believe it was Peter Pi Jr. that had the Weatherby Encore. If Memory serves me correctly, it was a 300 Wby. Mag.. Reeder is correct, in that T/C did discourage the chambering of Magnum cartridges in the Encore. This stemmed from problems with the then new .300 WSM chambered in an Encore by one of the custom gun makers. The high pressure created a problem with both brass and firearm. In truth, you do not gain as much as you might think with magnum rifle cartridges in a pistol. I have a 30-06 Encore which is my go-to deer gun. In the never ending thirst for power, I purchased a 300 WSM Savage Striker. With the factory 15" barrels, my best velocities with 150 gr. bullets were 300 WSM 2850 30/06 2840. With 165 gr bullets 300 WSM 2762 30/06 2640. Somewhat disappointed with these results, I rebarreled the Striker with a McGowan 16.5" heavy taper barrel, which boosted the 165 gr. WSM velocities to 2999 fps. All loads were shot with Accurate 4350. I am primarily a hunter and it just seemed to me that the velocity gain over the 30/06 was negligible and in no way compensated for the longer tube and increased weight of the gun. Consequently, the 30/06 Encore goes hunting and the 300 WSM Striker resides in the safe.

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05/18/19 11:32 PM
Re: 270 weatherby encore barrel

 Originally Posted By: Ernie
A long time ago I had a nightmare with a 338 Win Mag in a Encore...Never again for me.

Would you mind sharing it? I'd certainly be interested in hearing it, especially since I've got that 300 Win Mag barrel.

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05/19/19 12:30 AM
Re: 270 weatherby encore barrel

Give me a call next week 307-257-7431 and I will tell you all about it

05/21/19 08:35 PM
Re: 270 weatherby encore barrel

How would you ever burn that much powder in a 15" barrel?

Muzzle flash like a flame thrower.