05/08/19 04:45 PM
Case Forming Question????

I form a fair amount of wildcats. But for this application let's use my favorite. The 219 Donaldson Wasp. I first cut with jig in a chop saw, then chamfer and deburr. Now comes the time consuming part. I use a 30/30 size die to true the neck, then #1 form die, then #2 form die, then final form and trim die, before finishing up with the 219 Wasp full size die. Used to do this all in separate steps in a single stage press. Last time I did it with my Redding T-7 and rotated the turret four times before removing each case from the shell holder. Still time consuming.

Now for my Inquiry. I have acquired a RCBS Pro 2000 progressive press. It is tight as a tick and built like a tank. My plan was to set it up for 357 Mag, but I really don't shoot enough 357 to justify it. Was thinking about selling but then I had a Thought (I know STRANGE ISN'T it). Why not set up a top plate for each wildcat I form that requires enough steps. Then after the 4th pull of the handle a finished case would result. If lubed properly a case makes it through all the dies in the T-7 without re-lubing. Once the dies were mounted in the top plate, no more adjustment would be needed. Just pull a pin and replace with the next top plate. I understand bottom shell plate would also have to be changed OR maybe not my two major wildcats are both based on 30/30 brass. One the 219 Wasp and the other the 6.5BB. I do love 30/30 based wildcats for my Contender.

Surely someone has tried or done this before. If not what are your opinions good or bad. The press is like a tank so I don't think leverage would be a problem. Am I over looking something or do you think this might work.

Going to be out of town for the weekend so not ignoring if i don't reply be patient I will.

Thanks for reading and in advance for all input

(old hand)
05/08/19 05:59 PM
Re: Case Forming Question????

Interesting idea. would you run one case through at a time or feed them continuously so every station had a case?

Bob Roach
(old hand)
05/08/19 06:45 PM
Re: Case Forming Question????

With the forming steps you are taking now, I would think the progressive press would work fine. The best part is that after getting each die fine tuned for that step in the tool head it will not require adjustment the next time that you form cases.

Between my brother and I we have three 30-30 based cartridges at this time.
I have a 6.5x30 JDJ, my brother has the 7-30 waters and a couple 30-30AI's. These are all easy to form. I also form 35 Bullberry from 375 Winchester, which is very close to 30-30. I just traded off my 6 Bullberry Improved. It was a little more trouble to form brass that I cared to do.

Bob R