01/06/20 11:06 AM
PC 460XVR Spike

My buddy scored again with the 460. Spike at about 70 yards. Not sure how to get pictures embedded so they are in bragging board. He is shooting the 460 Hornady 200 grain factory load as it grouped tight at 100 yards - better than alot of rifles I have seen. I am a little confused by the entry wound but I am assuming the bullet fraged the ribs since the exit hole seems normal. Either way the 460 is a very powerful round and with the 200 grain bullet, it must be smoking fast. Website indicates 2200 fps.

Randy M
01/06/20 05:23 PM
Re: PC 460XVR Spike

Here you go.

Okie Hunter
(old hand)
01/06/20 08:29 PM
Re: PC 460XVR Spike


Chance WeldonAdministrator
(Distinguished Expert)
01/06/20 09:00 PM
Re: PC 460XVR Spike


Based on my experience with both the shorter and longer barreled Model 460's, that 10.5" version is probably pushing them around 2,300 fps or faster.

01/06/20 10:05 PM
Re: PC 460XVR Spike

That factory 200 load is like a bomb. Congrats

01/07/20 08:12 AM
Re: PC 460XVR Spike

Congratulations to your buddy!

Nice shooting.

01/08/20 07:39 AM
Re: PC 460XVR Spike

Good shooting

dave thomas
01/08/20 09:18 AM
Re: PC 460XVR Spike

very nice 460's can definitely get it done