12/21/19 01:17 PM
Maryland question, please

Hello ALL:

After Christmas my friends and I are planning to do some waterfowling with a guide in the state of Maryland. It is a two day trip but the hunts are only in the AM. So the PM leaves a lot of time to do something constructive.

I thought about doing some small game hunting with a couple of my small game specific handguns. I would like to do some hunting with a TC Contender with a 22 WRM barrel and have my Ruger Single six to accompany me.

I looked at the MAryland DNR website and could not find anything specific as to whether or not I can do this. I should call up the DNR but did not have a chance. I am hoping that someone on this site could give me some advice.

I did think about getting a Maryland deer tag but I would have to hunt WMA land and I know that towards the end of the season it is pounded. So I figure a deer hunt would be a waste of time. But possibly poking about a couple of hours for squirrels, rabbits and possibly nutria would not.

I just don't want to go out there and then find out I will be a guest of the state of Maryland if you know what I mean. Thank you.

01/04/20 04:06 AM
Re: Maryland question, please

Following for self interest

01/04/20 07:00 AM
Re: Maryland question, please

Ask your guide now to check for you. I hunted deer for 11 years on the Eastern Shore. Handguns were not permitted where I hunted then. Shotguns only. I have no idea what the Regs. are now, or where you will hunt.