11/12/19 12:21 AM
Deer season woes

Started the season out Saturday with the 35 Rem and the .45 Colt. Missed a coyote Sunday at 100 with the .35 ,one of those days when I couldn't hold minute of coyote. Switched to the Striker.308 today. I shot them all last week to check zero and the .308 did 1/2 in.for 3 shots with the cold bore shot,only shot it 3 shots. This morning while loading in the stand it felt different. A further check showed a broken, bolt head retainer pin ,3rd one,2nd since last year. Seventy miles from home so no quick fix. Love the gun but sure did want to throw it out of the tree at that time ,[didn't] Fixed now so it goes back out tomorrow with an extra pin stowed in the stock.
Just deal with it and get on with the season.

(Shooting Expert)
11/12/19 06:57 AM
Re: Deer season woes

Been nice to have popped that coyote for sure. Wishing you a little better luck. You are still doing better than me. I checked the 30-30AI and 35rem for sight ins......but still havnt gone out. Im skeered id kill one 😂

Randy M
11/12/19 07:17 AM
Re: Deer season woes

Ouch. Tough start. It can only get better from here. Good luck today!

11/12/19 08:10 AM
Re: Deer season woes

It will get better and now you're ready with extra parts if it goes south again.

Went out this weekend in PA for turkey with my son. Everyone saw something but us. Of course no one saw a turkey. \:\)
That's why they call it hunting and not killing. It was good just to be in the mountains.

Look forward to hearing about it when everything comes together for you.

(Distinguished Master)
11/12/19 11:07 AM
Re: Deer season woes

Hang in there.

(old hand)
11/12/19 04:26 PM
Re: Deer season woes

I have four Strikers, but never had a broken bolt head retainer pin. I will be packing a spare from now on.

11/12/19 09:18 PM
Re: Deer season woes

And I hope you never do. It can be a PITA as they can lock the action up solid, requiring removal of the barrel and driving the bolt body out the front. I do not dry fire this gun and do not understand why they break but they do. Three so far. I will go to the smaller diameter firing pin after deer season if possible.

(Gun Slinger)
11/13/19 12:44 AM
Re: Deer season woes


Hope it all works out from here on.

11/13/19 09:14 AM
Re: Deer season woes

Hang in there. Something will die.

11/13/19 06:02 PM
Re: Deer season woes

It will get better.

11/13/19 10:21 PM
Re: Deer season woes

We all know Murphy is alive and well and likes to ride on our shoulders from time to time.That S.O.B. is getting heavy. Things seem to happen in threes so hopefully he's done with me for awhile. Blew a tire on the trailer this morning at o dark thirty and didn't get to the woods till 9am. Tire stores don't open at o dark thirty. But Sh@# happens, life goes on, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger,just another bump in the road,still a beautiful day in the woods.

RH Custom Guns
11/14/19 10:27 AM
Re: Deer season woes

Yeah, I'd say your Murphy Tax is all paid up! At least you'll have a good story to tell.

"Oh, yeah, well one year my season started like this..."

Good luck in the woods!