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06/12/19 09:30 PM
Florida hog hunt

This last weekend, my wife, son, and I traveled from our home in northeast Georgia to visit her grandparents in Florida. My son and I took the opportunity to hunt hogs on a nearby preserve Sunday morning.
We arrived before daylight, under the threat of heavy rain and thunderstorms. Fortunately we would be hunting from an elevated stand with a roof over looking a feeder. This would be my son's first attempt at a hog, and he would have first shot.
After about an hour on stand, two hogs emerged from the palmettos, and approached the feeder. My son dropped the larger of the two at 35 yards with a single 160 grain FTX from his 30/30 rifle.

This was his first hog, and it weighed 130 lbs.

We remained on stand through intermittent rain showers, some of them heavy at times. Later in the morning, a group of 5 hogs trotted through the sandy opening we were watching. When a larger boar paused at 63 yards, I dropped him with a 250 grain Partition from my .44 Super Blackhawk.

He weighed 161 lbs

My shot was where I wanted it, and the hog dropped,but he lingered and wiggled on. Growing impatient with his demise, I put another bullet in him as he lay on his side. Neither bullet exited, and I suspect I will find at least one of them when I work up the meat.

This brief 4 hour hunt with my son really hit the spot, and I enjoyed it as much as any other I can recall.

Randy M
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06/12/19 09:49 PM
Re: Florida hog hunt

Mathew, that's nothing short of outstanding! Your son is a chip off the old block and this hunt is one y'all will remember forever. Congrats to you both on great kills and delicious meat.

Please post pics of any bullet you recover.

Vance in AK.
06/13/19 02:51 AM
Re: Florida hog hunt

Awesome! Good on you guys!

06/13/19 10:21 AM
Re: Florida hog hunt

Nicely done,


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06/13/19 10:36 AM
Re: Florida hog hunt

Tell him, Congrats for me!
Looks like a wonderful time

06/13/19 02:52 PM
Re: Florida hog hunt

good shootin as usual...

(old hand)
06/13/19 03:29 PM
Re: Florida hog hunt

Looks like a great trip!

06/13/19 03:51 PM
Re: Florida hog hunt

Nicely done WTG good shooting.

Mark Hampton
06/13/19 05:12 PM
Re: Florida hog hunt

Congrats to you both!

Pa. Mike
06/13/19 07:18 PM
Re: Florida hog hunt

Nice shooting by both of you and two fine hogs. You are teaching him right!

(old hand)
06/13/19 09:10 PM
Re: Florida hog hunt

Thanks for the compliments guys! We both enjoyed our time together.

I recovered one of the .44 bullets from my boar.

I cut it out of the shoulder meat on the offside.

The blood spot is the entrance wound. The Nosler broke both shoulder bones and left a permanent wound channel about an inch in diameter through them.

The Nosler has proven itself on hogs numerous times.

06/13/19 09:37 PM
Re: Florida hog hunt

Good going you guys!

Okie Hunter
06/13/19 10:30 PM
Re: Florida hog hunt

Congrats on the hunt and the memories he'll never forget.

06/14/19 10:16 AM
Re: Florida hog hunt

Great stuff!!

Chance WeldonAdministrator
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06/14/19 08:18 PM
Re: Florida hog hunt

Great job guys!

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06/14/19 08:53 PM
Re: Florida hog hunt

Folks that have never done hunts like this, don't know what they're missing...looks like a great time

06/15/19 08:47 AM
Re: Florida hog hunt

Way to go ... start them young before liberals ,video games,and girls take hold. .... outstanding shot as usual ...

06/15/19 10:10 AM
Re: Florida hog hunt

A truly great and memorable FAMILY adventure. 0ne that will always

be remembered... Thanks for sharing Matthew

06/17/19 10:13 PM
Re: Florida hog hunt

Awesome! I can tell you are a proud Dad. Rocco said congrats too!