Feature Articles
    • The After Work Buck
      by Edward Folmar

    • The Claws From Hell
      by Scooter Folmar

    • An 8 The Hard Way
      by Gary Smith
      Using Ruger's latest edition of the SBH Hunter, Smith takes one of his best whitetail bucks.

    • Show-Me Safaris Hitmen In The Ozarks
      by Robert J. Milette, P.E.

    • Montana Bison
      by Edward K. Folmar

    • Hogs and Deer: Worlds Apart by Clay Oldham
      Hogs are much tougher than the whitetail but by making the right choice of cartridge and bullet they are no match for a skilled handgunner...most of the time.

    • Hunting Revolvers by Clay Oldham

    • Perserverance Pays Off by Jeff Welch aka Lone Eagle
      Jeff Welch bags a great buck with what else - his lone eagle.

    • North To Alaska by Edward Folmar
      Ed & Deena are at it again but this time in Alaska. Not to be outdone, Deena bagged her bear just as their luck was about to run out.

    • Show-Me Safaris And A SSK Visit
      by Javier De La Rosa
      Javier and Dirk Starck join fellow handgun hunters for some fun shooting hogs in the show-me state.

    • Handgun Hunting Deer
      by David Reeves
      A story that will have a familiar ring to most. David tells what prompted him to start handgun hunting and shares some of his deer hunting successes.

    • Handguns For Disabled Hunters?
      by Harry Marsh
      Harry Marsh tells how he overcame nearly being killed in a car accident to hunt again and how he found a new love - Contenders.

    • Just Do It - Her Way!
      by Deena Folmar
      Deena Folmar and her husband Ed hunt with Blaauwkrantz Safaris in South Africa. Deena, also a handgun hunter, collected some fine trophies. Check out their stories.

    • Just Do It!
      by Edward K. Folmar
      Ed and Deena Folmar take their first safari to South Africa and are successful hunting kudu, zebra and many other plains game species.

    • Selecting Your First Hunting Handgun
      by Gary Smith
      Selecting a handgun for the journey of becoming a handgun hunter can be expensive if you make the wrong first choice and could limit your success. Find out what guns you should be considering and what guns you shouldn't.

    • HHI & the Wyoming Antelope Hunt 2002
      by William J. Herrick
      Bill has a great hunt at the Durham Buffalo Ranch with fellow HHI members.

    • 6 TC/U Field Test
      by Dan Bowers
      Dan's 6 TC/U is probably his most accurate barrel - find out how it performs on game.

    • Handgunnning with the 357 Herrett
      by Bill Johnson
      Bill passes on his experiences with the 357 Herrett.

    • Scoping Your Hunting Handgun
      by Gary Smith
      Find out what you should be considering before you buy a handgun scope.

    • Free Ranging Texas BlackBuck and The 257 JDJ
      Blackbuck Antelope
      by Mark Hollen (aka GonHuntin)
      Mark uses his Contender in 257 JDJ to take a beautiful Blackbuck in Texas.

    • The Ground Blind Buck
      by Rob Millette
      Cold temperatures in the South means hot deer hunting to Rob Millette.

    • 357 Field Test Report
      by Dan Bowers
      Dan finally gets to try his T/C Custom Shop 357 Herrett on some venison for the freezer.

    • One Shot Buffalo
      by Mark Clammer
      Check out Mark's trophy Cape Buffalo. One shot from his .416 Lockhart has earned Mark a handgunning trophy of a lifetime.

    • Lions In My Darkness
      by Robert J. Millette, P.E.
      If you're planning your first safari this is one article you'll want to read. Robert poses here with a good Red Hartebeest.

    • Here Piggy, Piggy, Piggy!
      AP Jones explains how and when to use a predator call for Javelina. This little piggy eats cactus for dinner; imagine what he could do to your leg if you don't follow AP's advice on safety!

    • Once Upon A Tree Top
      by Gary Smith
      Haven't done it since you were a kid? Don't overlook a little squirrel hunting this season for some great fun.

    • Put Your .44 Mag on a Lightweight Diet
      by Dan Bowers
      Lighten up on your 44 Magnum for better performance.

    • 454 Eland
      by Bob Corbitt
      Check out Bob's latest trip to Africa and his huge Eland Bull. The phrase, "use enough gun" comes to mind.

    • Ruger's .480 Revolver And The 777 Ranch
      by Hal Swiggett
      Hal and Doug Luger hunt the 777 for wild boar.

    • Views From Down Under
      by Dave Pickford
      Dave sent some photographs to share of his area and game in Tasmania, Australia.

    • Alldays in the Dark Continent!!
      by Bob Corbitt
      Bob takes the perfect summer vacation South of the Equator.

    • Wide Junior
      by Steve Mahurin
      Steve takes a long dreamed of trophy whitetail in South Texas.

    • Texas Safari Handgun Style
      by Bob Corbitt
      Bob turned a business trip to Texas and a would be wild boar hunt into an ultimate handgun safari.

    • Squirrel Tails
      by Richard A. Mann II
      Richard and Mississippi Sue team up for a dog gone good time in the hardwoods using his Ciener 22 Conversion.

    • Handgun Challenge
      by Steve Mahurin
      Steve's story about an enormous Aoudad on Texas hill country ranch. Steve has been hunting exotics since the sixties and has top ten animals in several record books and a B & C muley from Colorado.

    • The Rookie Contenderoid
      by Steve Dyess, August, 2000
      Steve talks about how he got started handgun hunting and some of the mistakes he made early in his handgun hunting endeavor.

    • K-Hornet is Old and Improved
      by Rocky Raab, June, 2000
      An excellent history and evaluation of the cartridge.

    • 777 Aoudad Adventure
      by Gary Smith, May, 2000
      Whether you're looking for a taste of Africa or you just have a good case of cabin fever this Texas ranch can offer you a cure year round.

    • The Forgotten 22
      by Dan Bowers, April, 2000
      Dan, a seasoned handgunner, rediscovers the 22 Hornet for his varmint hunting needs.

    • So You Want to Handgun Hunt!
      by Gary Smith, April, 2000
      A beginners guide to handgun hunting.