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Second chance buck
Second chance buck

2010 SWPA Long-Ran
2010 SWPA Long-Range Handgun Shoot

Aoudad with a .41
Aoudad with a .41

Defensive Use from
Defensive Use from Dangerous Game Using Revolvers

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Born in Brooklyn, New York, Dick literally had to rise above his birthright to become a handgun hunter, or as the cowboys say, "had to get out of town!" Moving around as a child, Dick attended junior and senior high school in southern California at a time when guns and hunting were an accepted part of the sunshine state's life style. He hunted with anything that launched a projectile, but early on developed a special interest in handguns. His interest in hunting and shooting continued with necessary restrictions through four years at the Air Force Academy and another seven years in the Air Force. Finally moving to Colorado, Dick became a serious handgun hunter for big game in all the Rocky Mountain States. When "the job" took him back to California, Dick's handgun hunting world expanded to include Africa, Alaska and Australia where he has taken a number of indigenous big-game animals with big-bore handguns, both revolvers and single-shots. In addition to the "standard" US big-game animals, his handguns have accounted for many of the large antelope in Africa, brown bear and caribou in Alaska, and buffalo in Australia. Missing from his handgun dream list are the Alaskan moose and Cape buffalo, something he hopes to correct in the next couple of years. Dick has been a free-lance writer for several of the outdoor magazines and is currently Handgun Editor of the NRA's commercial magazine, Shooting Illustrated.















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