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Larry Weishuhn, one of the world's most respected wildlife biologists, outdoor writers and television personalities came by his love of hunting and the outdoors quite honestly. He was born into a family who instilled that love into him, probably from the time he was conceived.

He grew up in the country in northern Colorado County, Texas in a little German speaking community known as Zimmerscheidt, where he started fishing and hunting with his dad and granddad even farther back than his memory serves him.

"I remember digging worms and fishing nearly every day of my pre-school days. That is if we weren't hunting squirrels or whatever else was in season. My dad worked in the oil field and was in the cattle, chicken and hog business. That meant he was gone from home and worked from before daylight to long after dark. At night while we waited for my dad to come home my mother read to me from the pages of Outdoor Life and Sports Afield. While my dad instilled a strong work ethic into me, my mother created in me a love of reading about guns and hunting, and a desire that someday I wanted to experience the world's great "hunting fields" for myself and write about my experiences.

Each fall we hunted deer, but back then there were very few. Even though I started hunting deer when I was six, it was several years before I even saw one during the hunting season and not until I was 14 that I shot my first whitetail. Those lean years taught me much about hunting that I've never forgotten.

My love of wildlife and hunting and a yearning to learn more finally took me to Texas A&M University, but not before I married the lady of my dreams, Mary Anne. In college, when not in class or working, while I hunted she fished. Between our "take" we kept food on the table. Although I thirsted for knowledge, I did not care for school. I did get through Texas A&M, but it wasn't easy. And I never would have had it not for Mary Anne's determination and encouragement. Frankly, I hated school and from the time I started first grade until finally graduated with a degree in Wildlife Science. But, I also knew I needed the degree if I hope to accomplish what I had set up as long term goals.

While still a student, I went to work for Texas A&M's Wildlife Disease Project under the leadership of Dr. R.M. Robinson. I learned more about wildlife and wildlife management in one week from Dr. Robinson than I did in five years of going to college!

That's how it started. Back in the very early 1970's interest in whitetails was just beginning. I happened to be there when that spark ignited, caused a few to sparks myself, and then helped fan the flames ...

As a professional wildlife biologist I worked many areas of Texas and even beyond the state's borders on numerous occasions. Along the way I wrote a fair number of technical papers, which were given at various national and international symposiums. I also started writing articles like some of my early heroes. My first paid article, as well as cover photo, appeared in the National Sportsman's Digest in 1970 and featured the research we were involved in with desert bighorn sheep.

From that first article I have written something over 2,000 more, probably just as many columns, and I've lost count of my photos that have been published.

After leaving the employ the State of Texas to present I have served on staff with some of the finest hunting and shooting publications in the world including among others: Guns & Hunting, Deer & Deer Hunting, Handgunning, Shooting Times, Sports Afield, Whitetail Journal, Realtree Outdoors, Sporting Classics, GunHunter, Petersen's Hunting, Hunting Camp Journal, Handgun Hunter, North American Hunter and numerous others. Several of these I still serve on staff with or freelance to. My byline has also appeared in such publications as American Hunter, Outdoor Life and many, many others.

As a wildlife biologist I have established quality wildlife management programs on well over 15,000,000 acres across North America, and also have contributed to management programs in Austria, New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa, Zimbabwe and elsewhere."

As a public speaker, Larry is one of the most sought after speakers in North America. His style of presenting information in a fun and enjoyable, easy to listen to manner, leaving the audience to want to hear more keeps him on a busy seminar and after-dinner speaking schedule. When questioned about this, Larry responds, "I've gotten a lot of practice over the years dealing with landowners, hunting groups and gatherings of very diverse audiences, as well as a fair amount of camp and campfire time. Also spending several years as a featured speaker for the NRA's Great American Hunter's Tour helped as well. And too, I truly enjoy visiting with people, and maybe telling a story or two along the way, as well as hearing a good story."

In terms of books Larry has been written about in many, many books and contributed chapters to a considerable number of books as well.. As a book author, Larry has written several books which are currently out of print (Attracting Whitetails, published by Derrydale Press; the classic Hunting Mature Bucks, published by Krause Publications; Southern Deer & Deer Hunting, co-authored with Bill Bynum, published by Krause Publications as well; and another classic, Pear Flat Philosophies, published by Safari Press which very well may be in the not too distant future be republished). Two of his most recent books, both of which were published by Stoeger Publications, are available through this website. Trailing the Hunters Moon was voted the 2003 ForeWord Magazine's Gold Book of the Year in the category of Adventure & Recreation, this over about 2,000+ titles that included books about such topics as golf, tennis, kayaking and many other "spandex type outdoor activities" as well as baseball, football, and the like. Whitetails East & West was co-authored with Larry's long-time friend J. Wayne Fears. Both are available through the website.

Larry started doing outdoor and hunting videos back in the mid-1980s. Many of the titles he was involved in were multi-award winners and are now considered classics that set a standard for quality that few productions have since broached. These days each year Larry does a dvd with Mike Hine and Travis Simpson. These highly interesting and informative, award winning productions are available at such places as the Cabela's and through this website, as are some other products Larry is involved in such as his rattling horns.

Larry is one of the owners of Los Cazadores Hunting Headquarters and Contest, the world's largest and most respected white-tailed deer contest. Located in Pearsall, Texas, Los Cazadores, has become "Deer Hunting's Favorite Destination" for more information go to

In regards to organizations, Larry was one of three co-founders of the Texas Wildlife Association, is a Professional Member of Boone & Crockett Club, Life Member of Dallas Safari Club, long a member of the National Rifle Association, Safari Club International, North American Hunting Club Association and numerous other national and international hunting and wildlife management oriented organizations.

Larry will readily agree he's truly fortunate and blessed to have hunting and wildlife as his vocation and also his avocation and greatly appreciates the fact that YOU have contributed tremendously for him being able to do so!
Larry Doing What He Loves

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