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Gary is the founding publisher of Handgun Hunter Magazine and serves as the editor, photographer, programmer and workaholic devoted to the magazine and website. He has been hunting with handguns for more than 25 years and has hunted in North America and Africa. He created the publication to promote the sport of hunting with handguns, to serve as a repository of information for the benefit of handgun hunters worldwide, and to demonstrate the safe and responsible use of handguns for sporting purposes. He is also a Life Sponsor of the Dallas Safari Club, an NRA Instructor and Range Safety Officer.

Favorite cartridges for hunting include the 22 L.R., 44 Magnum and 454 Casull in straight-walled cartridges and the 223 Remington, 309 JDJ and 375 JDJ in bottle-neck cartridges. He generally prefers scoped handguns but in recent years has found hunting with an iron-sighted revolver having a barrel length between 4 and 5 inches to be a fantastic challenge. "It's really more challenging than bow hunting. Just as with archery gear, the maximum effective range is 40 to 50 yards but with a revolver you've got those 3 or 4 clicks when the gun cocks that can easily alert game to your presence."

Always having a bit of a desire to compete, Gary has recently begun getting involved in the USPSA and enjoys shooting Steel Challenge matches which no doubt brings him back to the days of shooting IHMSA and NRA Hunter's Pistol. "I'm not particularly fast at shooting yet but when I don't get in too big of a hurry, I can shoot accurately; plus I like hearing the targets 'ding' when I've scored a hit."

Gary holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Mary Washington College and is pursuing an MBA. In addition to working on the development of Handgun Hunter Magazine, Mr. Smith also consults in the areas of information technology, marketing and web strategy for a wide range of companies from startups and small businesses to members of the Fortune 200.
















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