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Mark Hampton is one of those rare individuals who has hunted on six continents, encompassing over twenty three countries, with a handgun. Hampton has taken over 140 different species of big game, with a handgun of course. In seventeen trips to Africa he has taken the big five; four cape buffalo, three elephants, two leopards, plus lion and rhino. Hampton has also accounted for other hard-earned trophies from the dark continent including Lord Derby eland, bongo, yellow-backed duiker, forest and Zambezi sitatunga, among others.

Africa is not the only place he has lost shoe leather, in twelve safaris to Asia, Hampton has climbed various mountain ranges in pursuit of ibex, sheep, chamois, tur, and anything else living in high altitude. He has taken the Super 20 of Capra species, twenty three species to be exact, with a handgun. A goal-oriented person, Hampton is currently pursuing his grand slam and super slam of sheep, and is getting close to accomplishing this challenging endeavor.

Mark grew up in south Missouri where hunting and fishing were a way of life. His father got him started in the outdoors from an early age. In his teens, Mark was an All-American trapshooter along with both of his older brothers.

With a degree in Criminal Justice, Hampton was employed with the Missouri State Water Patrol for a few years and served as a firearms instructor. A real people-person, Mark was later elected to the Missouri General Assembly as a State Representative. He was actively involved in getting the right to carry legislation passed. Currently, Hampton is a superintendent of the Summersville School District. For the record, the school closes for the first part of deer season. Imagine that!

Mark has written numerous articles during the past twenty five years, in a wide variety of publications mostly pertaining to handguns and handgun hunting. He also wrote a book entitled "Handgun Hunting".

There is no doubt, Mark Hampton is a serious handgun hunter. He is both proud and honored to be a part of the Handgun Hunter of the Year Committee.














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