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Melissa is a small town girl from Paynesville Minnesota who has been hunting and fishing for nearly 18 years. Yes she's only 24, but Melissa started at an early age thanks to her parents who brought her along in the duck blind and whitetail woods. It would have probably been much easier for Melissa's parents to leave her home, but it's their dedication that sparked her love for the outdoors.

Before long, Melissa convinced her parents to sign a high school work permit allowing her to start classes at 10 o'clock each morning. This was not so Melissa could sleep in rather so she could use the mornings to bow hunt, temporarily fulfilling her ever-growing passion for whitetails.

Melissa graduated with honors from St. Cloud State University with a double major in Mass Communications and Spanish. Getting practice in the Spanish language was difficult in central Minnesota so she lived in both Costa Rica & Spain while completing her Spanish degree. Melissa also competed as a pole vaulter on the St. Cloud State University track team.

After college she interned at North American Hunter for the summer, and within a few months became a full-time member of their team.

Last fall Melissa spent over 90 days in the field. Although most of the days were spent producing North American Hunter television, she still found time to bag a 336 bull elk, a 52 inch Kudu in Africa, 2 trophy whitetails, a Quebec bear, and established an on air presence for North American Hunter TV after arrowing a 200 inch Illinois whitetail on camera, all in the past year.

This fall Melissa doesn't plan on cutting back on her days in the field, however there are a few new adventures waiting including several handgun hunts. A unit 10 Arizona elk hunt, South Dakota Mule Deer, Colorado Elk, and of course she'll be spending most of her time chasing around those Illinois giants.









Melissa Doing What She Loves

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